LUMINEERS Beirut Lebanon

Get the best Hollywood Smile with LUMINEERS!

For a while, Braces were the only available option for straightening teeth. The obviousness of frontal braces with wires and metal, and the long time needed to align the teeth makes people reluctant about improving their appearance. 
Now however you’ve got a new choice which is LUMINEERS! A fast, durable and easy solution for a perfectly permanent white, straight smile! Available exclusively in Beirut Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinics & Labs.

What are LUMINEERS made of?

  • LUMINEERS are created from Cerinate porcelain, the strongest leucite reinforced ceramic.
  • This patented porcelain is exclusively made by Den-Mat, in Santa Maria, California, the leader in cosmetic dentistry in the U.S.The patented pressed ceramic has a similar translucency to natural tooth structure.

Is it true that this is the only veneer system that actually comes with a warranty?

  • Yes, LUMINEERS are the only product clinically proven to last over 20 years and are backed by a 5 years limited warranty.
  • In addition, LUMINEERS have been named a “Top Health and Beauty” product by the Dental Advisor for four years in a raw.

Why Top Dentists in Beirut Lebanon are offering LUMINEERS to their patients?

LUMINEERS is a better, safer, non-invasive way to give our patients the smile they always hoped they could have but were so often afraid to have because of the process involved with traditional veneers.

What sets Ferrari Dental Clinic Beirut Lebanon apart from other practices that provide LUMINEERS?

  1. We are the the Exclusive Official Provider For LUMINEERS In Beirut Lebanon
  2. We are the first ISO 9001-2008 certified Clinic in Beirut Lebanon and the Middle East
  3. We are the first Ferrari Technology affiliated dental clinic in Beirut Lebanon and the Middle East  

If I have already placed veneers, can I redo them as LUMINEERS?

Yes, it takes only two visits.

How Can I Make Sure That My LUMINEERS are not fake?

Beware of fake Lumineers, ask for your warranty, Only certified dentist can place your LUMINEERS and always validate your warranty at:

When I search on Google for LUMINEERS Beirut Lebanon I see many dentists, how can I find the right dentist?

Ferrari Dental Clinics & L. is the Exclusive Official Provider In Beirut Lebanon.